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Our Mission

Franconia Basecamp is an independent, local outdoor consignment, retail, and repair shop. Our mission is to increase access to the outdoors, reduce our impact on the environment, and give back to our local community while providing a welcoming hub to adventurers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Increase Access

Franconia basecamp strives to make getting out on the trails and in the mountains more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Through consignment, we are able to offer reliable gear and apparel at a fraction of the price that you would find in retail stores or online.

Our staff is welcoming with knowledge of outdoors for every experience level. We are excited to be able to support, motivate, or give any advice to help folks get out and have fun in the White Mountains!

Image by Natalie Pedigo
Image by Francois Le Nguyen

Environmental Impact

Producing new outdoor gear and apparel has many consequences on the environment such as:

  • Oil production to create the synthetic materials that make up much of our gear. (Which is exacerbating global climate change, polluting communities' soil and drinking water, destroying wildlands, and killing wildlife)

  • Chemicals that are needed in the production of textiles and fabrics contaminating groundwater and waterways.

  • Landfills being unnecessarily filled with textiles. According to the EPA, in 2018, only 14.7% of textiles were recycled with over 76% being put in landfills. Many of the synthetic materials in those garments that are unable to decompose will likely remain in landfills for over 200 years.

The most eco-responsible pieces of clothing or gear are ones that already exist.​

Let us help you get prepared for your next adventure with used outdoor gear and reduce your environmental impact at the same time.

Local Community

One of our core values is to provide a welcoming hub to all outdoor enthusiasts in the North Country. We are excited to be able to connect beginners and experts alike to plan and prepare for your next adventure!​

Franconia Basecamp is committed to contributing to the local community through our nonprofit/community partner program with the option for consignors to donate their earnings. 

Image by Salomé Guruli

Saturdays 2:30pm

Basecamp Running Club

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